Cryogenic Valves Valve C Series Bellow Seal Globe Valve
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05 Aug 2019
United States
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Specification of

Globe Valve DIXON EAGLE C Series Cryogenic Bellow Seal

Dixon Eagle C Series Cryogenic Bellow Seal Globe Valve

Ukuran : 1/2" - 2"

- Applications :

Dixon Eagle has over 25 years experience with manufacturing cryogenic valves for high purity systems.
For use in cryogenic (to -325°F) applications where leakage into or out of the valve is unacceptable.

- Use :

Our bellows technology keeps corrosive or harmful atmospheric conditions from entering the process.

- Specifications :

ANSI Class 150-800 available
Vacuum helix leak tested with mass spectrometer
5 Year bellow warranty

- Features :

Inconel™ bellows provides longer life and maximum corrosion resistance
Zero stem leakage eliminates media loss and satisfies environmental regulations

- Construction :

Three stem seals for safety: metallic bellows, graphite packing, backseat in open position
Purge ports on bonnet eliminate icing inside the bellows
Bolted bonnet

- Available Options :

Versatile seating arrangements, both hardfaced and soft, are available
Available in butt weld, flanged, socket weld, threaded and tube end configurations
Fully actuated valves available upon request, contact Dixon Eagle for details.
Sizes 3" - 6" are also available

- Note :

Stellite™ is a registered trademark of Thermadyne.
Inconel™ is a trademark of Huntington Alloys, inc.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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